• Proteins Exclusively Found and Expressed in Spleen Tissue *
  • Unique Peptides Such as Tuftsin & Splenopentin To Support Immune Health *[
  • Spleen Extracts & Splenin Further Support & Modulate the Immune System *
  • Immunologically Active Proteins Shown to Stimulate Macrophages & Enhance Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity *
  • Spleen and Bone Marrow also contain high levels of a class of lipids important in cell membranes known as alkylglycerols (AKGs for short). AKGs serve as powerful immune system boosters, helping fight infectious disease and even treatment resistant conditions to allopathic medicine. If you want to know more about this fascinating compound, try Googling "Dr Astrid Brohult discovers AKGs effectiveness in treating children with leukemia.

NOTE: In the 1930s, spleen extract was shown to improve white blood cell counts as well as benefit infections... while in modern-day Germany, spleen extract has increased in use for its immune-potentiating effects. *


  • Optimal Spleen Health Based On "Like Supports Like" *
  • Immune System Health *
  • Inflammatory Health *
  • Digestive Health (this is widely recognized Traditional Chinese Medicine) *
  • Blood Health With 12.5 MG of Glandular Derived Heme Iron Per Ounce *

NOTE: According to The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (Third Edition) by Pizzorno and Murray, spleen extract may be used to support immune related health conditions ranging from autoimmune health, inflammatory health, blood health and more. *

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