How Fasting Could Change Your Life

How Fasting Could Change Your Life

Like the changing of seasons and cycle of the sun, your body was made for variability, and perfectly structured to deal with, and even thrive under duress.
Prolonged fasting, defined here as going without food for up to five days, mimics an ancestral stressor. Food sources were not always readily available, and therefore, there would have been times of plenty, and times of scarcity.
The absolutely remarkable thing is that we can now show through research that these circumstances actually made the individual stronger, more robust, and better able to focus on the task of finding, foraging and hunting for his or her next meal.
It is as though each cell has the intelligence to know that it is potentially in jeopardy and is capable of changing course to insure the survival of the whole, and then leaves the individual better for the experience.
Perhaps there's no better time to give this a try. Start with some intermittent fasting or maybe a 24 hour fast to begin with.
And, fill the time with getting outside, grounding, get some sun, do some self reflection, breath and meditate....
Good for the body, mind and the soul!

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